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2015 Summer Circuit Scroll June 25
2015 ITA Summer Circuit - Week 4 Recap


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SKILLMAN, NJ (July 23) - The homestretch of the 2015 ITA Summer Circuit, presented by the USTA, is upon us, with just one more weekend of action left in the circuit before the ITA/USTA National Summer Championship takes place from August 8-11 in Bloomington, Indiana.


Highlights from last weekend's action include:


Transfer Topples Tournament #2

Madison Harrison (Mississippi State) followed up her Week 1 title at Florida State, where she knocked off four of the top five seeds, by ousting the top two seeds at Alabama to win her second ITA Summer Circuit event of the summer. Harrison played her freshman season at Kansas, but will suit up for the Bulldogs this September.


Katz repeats at Azusa Pacific

USC's Zoë Katz will enter her junior season with at least two individual circuit titles under her belt, having won the Azusa Pacific women's singles title in both 2014 and again this past weekend. Katz, who's career high Oracle/ITA Rankings are No. 59 in singles and No. 3 in doubles, only dropped one set in six matches.


Siblings take singles titles at UC Davis

Eli and Sophia Whittle won the men's and women's singles championships at UC Davis. Eli will enter his junior season for the Aggies in 2015-16, while Sophie will take the courts for her freshman campaign for the Gonzaga Bulldogs. Sophia also made the doubles final in Davis, CA, losing in a tiebreak.




Men's Singles: Hayes Brewer (Alabama)

Women's Singles: Madison Harrison (Mississippi State)

Men's Doubles: Hayes Brewer/Langford Hills (Alabama)

Women's Doubles: Megen Cochran/Alison Mills (South Carolina)


Azusa Pacific

Men's Singles: Hudson Blake (TCU)

Women's Singles: Zoë Katz (USC)

Men's Doubles: Adam Levie (UC Davis)/Jesse Ruder-Hook (Denver)

Women's Doubles: Chloe Jolliff (New Mexico State)/Brittany Collens (UMass)


Video Highlights of Azusa Pacific singles finals (Courtesy of Yang Lin)

Hudson Blake (TCU) def. Adam Levie (UC Davis)

Zoë Katz (USC) def. Margo Pletcher (Utah)



Men's Singles: Wyatt Lovera (Denver)

Women's Singles: Meagan Monaghan (SIU-Carbondale)

Men's Doubles: Zach Fryer/Wyatt Lovera (Denver)

Women's Doubles: Kelli Woodman (Seattle)/Meagan Monaghan (SIU-Carbondale)



Men's Singles: Johnny Goodwin (Texas)

Women's Singles: Nina Khmelnitckaia (Kansas)

Men's Doubles: Jeremy Lynn (Minnesota)/Jacob Spreyer (UConn)

Women's Doubles: Audrey Ann Blakely (Pitt)/Tiffany Hollebeck (HS)


Notre Dame

Men's Singles: Alex Lawson (Notre Dame)

Women's Singles: Lauren Goodman (William and Mary)

Men's Doubles: Alex Lawson/Nicolas Montoya (Notre Dame)

Women's Doubles: Brienne Minor (Michigan)/Lauren Goodman (W&M)



Men's Singles: Markus Schultz (NJIT)

Women's Singles: Lexi Borr (Boston College)

Men's Doubles: Markus Schultz/Andres Alban (NJIT)

Women's Doubles: Caitlin Bernard/Madison Appel (Indiana)


UC Davis

Men's Singles: Eli Whittle (UC Davis)

Women's Singles: Sophia Whittle (Gonzaga)

Men's Doubles: James Wade/Bryce McKelvie (UC Davis)

Women's Doubles: Emily McColl (Sacramento St.)/Arianna Chen (HS)


UNC Charlotte

Men's Singles: Trevor Foshey (Mississippi St.)

Women's Singles: Cassie Mercer (Virginia)

Men's Doubles: William Albright/Warren Bryan (UNC Greensboro)

Women's Doubles: Cassie Mercer (Virginia)/Ansley Speaks (Furman)


UT Arlington

Men's Singles: Connor Curry (Texas Tech)

Women's Singles: No winner (Double withdrawal)

Men's Doubles: Connor Curry/Carlos DiLaura (Texas Tech)

Women's Doubles: Gabriela Guilarte (HS)/Vivienne Kulicke (Stephen F. Austin)


Upcoming Tournament Schedule:

July 24-25: BYU

July 24-27: Cal State LA, Texas A&M, Wake Forest

July 25-27: Florida, Oklahoma, Sonoma State

July 25-28: Cornell, Indiana


About the ITA Summer Circuit

Since its inception in 1993, nearly 30,000 men and women have competed in the ITA Summer Circuit, presented by the USTA. Providing college and junior athletes (along with alumni) the opportunity to compete in organized events year round, the Circuit remains open to anyone as long as he/she is a current ITA member. There are nine regional circuits that span across the United States, which include 36 different tournaments.