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Inside College Tennis with Tennis Channel
Spring 2015 Premiere and Rerun Schedule 


Inside College Tennis with Tony Minnis


HBCU National Championships Premiere: Sat, 7-Feb at 7pm ET


Repeat #1 - Sun, 15-Feb at 6:30pm ET

Repeat #2 - Sun, 22-Feb at 6am ET

Repeat #3 - Tue, 24-Feb at 4:30pm ET

(Note: Revised)

Repeat #4 - Mon, 2-Mar at 4pm ET


Southern New Hampshire University Premiere:  Sun, 15-Feb at 7pm ET


Repeat #1 - Sun, 1-Mar at 6:30pm ET

Repeat #2 - Sat, 7-Mar at 7am ET

Repeat #3 - Mon, 6-Apr at 4pm ET

Repeat #4 - Mon, 20-Apr at 5pm ET


University of Minnesota Premiere:  Sun, 1-Mar at 7pm ET


Repeat #1 - Sun, 12-Apr at 12pm ET

Repeat #2 - Sun, 19-Apr at 7am ET

Repeat #3 - Mon, 20-Apr at 5:30pm ET

Repeat #4 - Wed, 29-Apr at 5pm ET 


Please note:  Tennis Channel schedule subject to change. 

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