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Kentucky at Mississippi - Joey Brent

2010 ITA Attendance Race

2010 ITA Attendance Race Official Submission Form

January/February Leaderboard
March Leaderboard
April Leaderboard

The Race Is On! Be sure to track your home attendance totals throughout this 2010 season. This exciting race offers programs a new way to garner recognition and extra incentive to bolster support. Bookmark this page to be sure to enter your attendance totals by each of the reporting dates (March 5, April 2, May 14). To be considered among the overall race leaders you must report totals each time.

**Please note that due to a lack of necessary entries, there is no postseason attendance race standings.

Race leaders will be recognized in the following categories during the first weeks of March, April, May (final leaders):

Total Home Attendance
Average Home Attendance
Highest Single Match Totals

Please be sure to read all of the material and instructions on the online submission form carefully prior planning for this year's race. Your participation is strongly encouraged - just because you don't think you'll be among the top in the nation (yet) doesn't mean you can't be among the top in your conference or start work on building something for future seasons.

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